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 The Normal Heart Closes Season on a Powerful Note

Pittsburg Community Theatre's production of The Normal Heart was the talk of the town. This captivating, true, story about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic showed the audience how difficult it was to get the government to acknowledge this insidious disease. When actual statistics were provided via voice overs of actual New York Times articles or clips of actual news broadcasts, there were audiable gasps from the audience. This show hit home for many involved and that made for some powerful theatre.


Director, Steven W Mergogey-Conti, chose to award the Gypsy Coat to Sarah Katsuleres (Assistant Director) for her extreme dedication and jumping into rolls above and beyond her initial duties throughout the entire process. Congratulations Sarah!


Dateline: Sunday - May 15, 2016.



 6RMS RIV VU Was a Delightful Addition to the 2015-2016 Season

Pittsburg Community Theatre's production of the dramedy 6RMS RIV VU showed audiences what happens when two strangers contemplate having an affair.


Directors, Michael Wilson and Betty Brown, chose to award the Gypsy Coat to Bill Schneider and Lisa Luttinger (Paul & Anne) for their hard work throughout the entire process. Congratulations Bill & Lisa!






Dateline: Sunday - April 17, 2016.

 Once Upon a Mattress Had Us Laughing in the Aisles

Pittsburg Community Theatre's production of the hilarious Once Upon a Mattress was the talk of the town. From the Introduction Speech by Betty Brown to the moment Princess Winifred finally fell asleep, audiences were captivated by the funny antics on stage. Performed by a talented cast of 28, this show will be one for the history books!


Director, Dianna Schepers, chose to award the Gypsy Coat to Alice Lustre (Assistant Director/Sir Russell) for her dedication throughout the entire process. Congratulations Alice!





Dateline: Sunday - March 13, 2016.

 PCT wins a Shellie at the 2016 ceremony

Pittsburg Community Theatre received one Shellie Award on January 16 at the 2016 ceremony at the Lesher Regional Arts Center in Walnut Creek. Sunny Shergil received a Shellie for Outstanding Lighting Design of a Play for his work on Greater Tuna. Dianna Schepers (Pictured) accepted the award on Sunny’s behalf. Congratulations Sunny, and thank you for your hard work!






Dateline: Saturday - January 16, 2016.

  13 the Musical Rocked Its Way Into Our Hearts

Pittsburg Community Theatre brought to life a rockin' coming-of-age musical as it's second show of the 2015-2016 season. 15 talented youth, ranging from 11-19 years of age, portrayed a group of 13 year olds finding their way through new and awkward feelings and what it is to "become a man."


Director Steven W Mergogey-Conti chose to award the Gypsy Coat to Bryan Fernandez and Levi Coren. "These two guys were always profesional, willing to do or try anything I threw at them and always there to boost morale." Is what he had to say about these two young men. Congratulations Bryan and Levi!



Dateline: Sunday - November 23, 2015.

  Moon Over Buffalo Opens The Season With Laughter

Pittsburg Community Theatre's 2015-2016 Season kicked off with the hilarious Moon Over Buffalo, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Barbara Halperin-Jacobs. The wonderful cast had audiences roaring with laughter at every twist and turn.


The honor of the Gypsy Coat was awarded to Jason Thompson (George Hay) for his wonderful performance and dedication to the show. Our hats go off to you Jason!








Dateline: Sunday - October 11, 2015.